Expertise in Healthcare Revenue

Money isn’t a bad thing, it enables companies to do great things, especially in healthcare, yet many healthcare providers do not understand how to manage their company’s profitability. With frequent changes to healthcare regulations and billing, it is sometimes difficult to care for patients while still maintaining a positive balance sheet.

That is why we pulled together Louisiana’s best finance experts, all with extensive health care experience, to help you solve all of your revenue-related challenges from loss avoidance to generating new patients.

Expertise in Working with Health care Entities with:

  • Accounting – audits, revenue cycle management, operational analysis, strategic planning
  • Benefits – executive health insurance, 401k, life insurance, disability insurance
  • IT – IT support, cybersecurity, ePHI accessibility & protection, network management
  • Technology – dashboards, portals, legacy system conversions and integrations, internal business software to replace manual processes, mobile apps
  • Marketing – advertising, public relations, digital marketing, social media, brand development, internal communications, and crisis management


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Have we Outgrown our Technology?

We get this question a lot from provider groups in the middle of a growth phase. Often, they are already using systems for billing and electronic medical record (EMR), and they are not sure what processes could be improved, and if there is a business case to improve them. Over the years, we’ve identified a […]

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How Can Social Media Help Your Hospital?

Social media is making a big impact in the healthcare field, but when it comes to hospitals, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The techniques that work in other industries don’t always translate to the medical field. Here are some tips on how you can make social media work for your hospital. Be mindful of interacting with […]

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9 Vulnerabilities Medical Practices Create Themselves

Unfortunately, many medical practices proverbially-speaking, shoot themselves in the foot, and create vulnerabilities themselves, which open them up to potential cyber-attacks and HIPAA violations. Fortunately, most of these vulnerabilities can be prevented with small changes in mindset, culture, and processes. 9 Vulnerabilities Medical Practices Create Themselves

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The Louisiana Healthcare Support Alliance is compromised of multiple experts and companies based in the Greater New Orleans area.

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