Healthcare Support Expertise

Health Care Support Expertise

The Louisiana Healthcare Support Alliance is an all-star cast of experts in their respective fields with a deep understanding and specialization working with the healthcare industry and with medical providers. Our alliance has three main focuses: Compliance, Facilities, and Revenue.


Compliance is a necessary evil for health care entities and their business associates, but many management teams don’t understand the complexities of compliance requirements or when compliances might contradict each other. We’ve assembled a team of experts in assisting health care companies to be compliant with HIPAA, DHH, CMS, ADA, PCI, and other state laws.
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Real estate and facilities are one of the biggest assets for medical providers, therefore it is essential they are appropriately managed and well taken care of to avoid becoming a costly burden. Our team of health care facility experts can help you evaluate existing facilities, install and move medical equipment and furniture, finance and implement expansions, and review legal documents to protect your assets and money.
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Growing and protecting your revenue is vital for any business, but you didn’t get into healthcare to deal with balance sheets, technology, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our team of health care revenue experts can help you to grow profits, minimize risks, and improve your company’s efficiencies so you can spend more time caring for patients.
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The Louisiana Healthcare Support Alliance is compromised of multiple experts and companies based in the Greater New Orleans area.

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